Free domestic shipping on all orders over $35

Wholesale Faqs

How much is my wholesale discount?

Current wholesale prices are 45% off of available products. If a product is not showing the 45% discount, then it is not currently offered for wholesale distribution.

How much is shipping?

We charge a flat rate $25 shipping and handling fee for all wholesale orders.

What is the minimum/maximum order?

Minimum order is $250. There is currently no maximum order. If you have issues/concerns with the minimum order, or need to add a few more products after already placing your order then please contact us by clicking the contact button in the menu. Social media is typically the fastest response time.

How is the product packaged/displayed?

Every bow will come on an individual 5.5" x 4" cardstock, with the exception of the piggytail set having two bows on the same card. How you choose to hang or display the bows and cardstock is at your discretion.